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Driving Lessons

You will be learning to drive in a relaxed, informal atmosphere & given encouragement & positive feedback from a patient understanding instructor.

You will receive competency based tuition in accordance with the RTA’s “Guide to the Driving Test”.  It is strongly recommended that you obtain a copy of this booklet. These are the minimum  standards  towards which we will be  working  during the course of your lessons in Driver Training.

Lynton at A1 Driver Training  has always been passionate about teaching his students Low Risk Driving skills & Hazard Perception Skills (Defensive Driving) as early as possible in the instruction process with outstanding  post P Plate results.  These life-saving skills are the building blocks of becoming a safe, efficient, responsible driver.

Low Risk Driving significantly reduces the risk of crashes, demanding :-

Hazard Perception is the ability to anticipate, detect & timeously react safely to hazards as they occur while driving.  The three basic hazard perception skills which you will be trained to practice & apply as a  responsible driver for your own safety & consequently for the safety of all road-users around you are :-    

Hazard Perception Skills, of all the required driving skills, take longest to develop.  The only way to develop these skills is to gain extensive driving experience in as many different driving situations, conditions & circumstances as possible.  You will be given ample time & opportunity to develop these skills at your own relaxed pace.  Your driver training course is tailored to suit you as an individual.

A1 Driver Training welcomes & encourages every opportunity for parents or guardians to sit in on lessons or parts of  lessons to facilitate your vitally important private practice hours.  However for those students who are unable, for whatever reason, to practice privately, appropriate driver training courses are designed.

Lynton encourages parent feedback  -  he is available on 0422 272 344.  If unable to take calls, you can rely on all messages being returned as soon as possible.

Parents reasonably expect :-  

A1 Driver Training is totally committed to the aforementioned, building a fruitful, happy, successful & mutually rewarding relationship with its students.


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