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The Driving Test

In 2007 the RTA introduced a new tougher, longer driving test. This test focuses on Low Risk Driving and Hazard Perception skills and has been designed for applicants with extensive driving experience.

The test better reflects the demands of modern motoring. There is less emphasis on manoeuvres than previously.  Stricter marking while driving on busy major roads means that you will need to be adequately prepared for your driving test.

The single most common reason for failing the driving test is a lack of preparation.

A1 Driver Training ensures that you will be driving to the required standard by conducting a series of trial driving tests. You will know when you are driving-test-ready.

Trial tests have two functions  :-

You have to convince your examiner that throughout your test, you are extremely observant; that you constantly demonstrate your awareness of what can go wrong & moreso, if it does, where your escape is. This is what Lynton of A1 Driver Training is so passionate about teaching throughout his driving instruction process. Continually question yourself about your position on the road & your judgement.

Unlike driving schools offering meaningless “first time pass guarantees” A1 Driver Training does not guarantee that you will pass your driving test first time for the simple reason that something beyond your control may occur during any driving assessment. This is precisely what makes driving the very complex task which it is; however A1 Driver Training’s results, integrity & well earned reputation speak for themselves.

A1 Driver Training guarantees 100% commitment to assist you in passing your driving test.

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